Meet Exante Data's Substack Writers

Get a brief introduction to Exante Data and the Exante Humans behind the Substack blogs.

Before we introduce the writers, here is a short introduction to Exante Data:

Exante Data uses a data-driven approach to strategy, based on detailed capital flow analysis, alternative data source, but always with a human overlay to reach final conclusion. We create our own informational edge through unique, holistic use of data (public, proprietary, and alternative). But we are not afraid to use human judgement in the situations where it is needed, and the data is not conclusive by itself.

Learn more about Exante Data here. See the about section for why we started Money: Inside and Out. Follow us on Twitter for daily proprietary charts and commentary.

Our Substack bloggers are all part of Exante Data’s macro strategy and flow analytics teams (although we will occasionally invite guest bloggers).

Founder & CEO Jens Nordvig: Jens has an 20-year track record as a innovative markets economist and strategist. He has been awarded the Wolfson Economics finalist prize and was ranked #1 in Currency Strategy by Institutional Investor for five consecutive years (2012-2015). He holds PhD in economics. Jens was previously a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, a Senior Investment Associate at Bridgewater and Head of Fixed Income Research and Global Currency Strategy at Nomura Securities, before founding Exante Data in 2016. He is also the author of The Fall of the Euro (McGraw-Hill, 2013); and he has published op-eds in The Financial Times, and is frequently interviewed by major financial news media. Follow Jens on Twitter.

Senior Advisor, Amelia Bourdeau. Amelia coordinates content for Exante Data, contributes to research, and holds a communications role within the firm. She writes the Week In Review Note and will conduct interviews with the Substack authors, bringing out their key points in short videos. Amelia has 17 years of financial market experience and began her career at the Federal Reserve Board. Amelia held economist and FX strategist roles at Deutsche Bank. She was a senior FX Strategist at UBS and at two global macro hedge funds. Amelia held senior FX Hedge Fund Sales positions at Westpac Bank and UniCredit AG Bank. She was a contributor on CNBC with her own show. Amelia has a M.S. degree from Columbia Journalism School and appears on financial market television. Subscribe to the Week In Review note here. Follow Amelia on Twitter.

Senior Strategist, Alex Etra. Alex is responsible for producing analytical insights on global macro themes, cross-border capital flows, FX intervention and global central bank policy for Exante's institutional clients, as well as being major contributor to our Global Flow Analytics platform. Prior to joining Exante Data, Alex spent five years at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York advising senior management on foreign central bank activity and sovereign and bank credit risk. Before that he worked for Roubini Global Economics, based in India. Follow Alex on Twitter.

Senior Advisor, Chris Marsh: Chris holds a PhD in international macroeconomics from Warwick University, and has worked at the International Monetary Fund and in finance for 15 years. An expert on IMF financial programming, Chris started The General Theorist blog in 2017 which focuses on the intersection between money and the balance of payments. His interests are global macro-financial linkages, central bank balance sheets, debt sustainability, and emerging markets. Chris is based in London. Follow Chris on Twitter.

Special Advisor, Tor Vollalokken: Based in Barcelona, Spain and Oslo, Norway, Tor has spent his entire professional life in the foreign exchange market, including 15 years with DnB where he was Head of FX in Oslo and later served as a Branch Manger in London, and 25 years as an independent analyst and advisor to hedge funds, sovereigns, fund managers, family offices and energy companies worldwide. Tor has a special focus on Scandinavian currencies.

Grant Wilson, Head of Asia Pacific: Based in Sydney, Australia, Grant has extensive capital markets experience, including real money (Bankers Trust), sovereign wealth (GIC, where he was Global Head of FX/Macro) and hedge funds (Moore Capital and Civic Capital, as Founder & CEO). Grant has informed policy formation in Australia in response to COVID-19, and is a regular contributor to the Australian Financial Review.

Looking ahead, more members of of the Exante Data team will be added to this list, and there will be the occasional guest post - guests will have specific expertise in their respective fields.