Paid subscription announcement

Harnessing macro data and market commentary to support investment and policy decisions

This week, we are introducing the Money: Inside and Out paid subscription service.

The goal is to provide timely insights into global macroeconomic developments, and bring analysis from Exante Data to a broader audience (beyond our institutional client base), including policy makers and private investors. Money: Inside and Out delivers policy views and data-driven analysis on topics we care deeply about, without holding back. We are fully independent. We can tell the truth, without any filters.

Our first paid content will be posted tomorrow.

A unique backdrop

The pandemic brought great challenges. But there are also opportunities in its aftermath—with great potential for asset price disruptions and policy mis-steps.

The globally coordinated and expansionary monetary and fiscal policy—remarkable in size and still on-going—has brought about a step-change, though unevenly distributed, in household wealth and spending patterns. It will take many years for these policies to ripple through balance of payments and across the global economy—ultimately finding expression in asset prices.

Indeed, from the perspective of the macroeconomy and investment, there has seldom been a backdrop as interesting.

What we do

There will be several common themes.

  • First, data. Everything we do is underpinned by data—what is actually happening.

  • Second, money. The monetary system clears all transactions today while providing a link to tomorrow. It is important to know why, how and where money is being created—narrow and broad—and how to interpret it;

  • Third, balance of payments. Countries are linked through monetary transactions that show up in balance of payments transactions—through current and financial transactions, and reserve assets.

  • Fourth, while we are obsessed with data (often in nerdy detail) we also believe that human judgement can be an important complement to mechanical data-analysis.

What you will get

Once a month we will publish:

  • A survey of forthcoming major central bank meetings globally—what’s happening and what to watch out for;

  • A summary of global inflation developments—a unique cross-country perspective on the inflation impulse unleashed due to the pandemic;

  • An overview of changing central bank balance sheets, broad money and global liquidity trends (and, for the Eurozone, TARGET2 balances);

  • A monthly update of global bond and equity flows.

In addition, this will be supplemented with ad hoc analysis and commentary on central bank speeches, market news and events.

We envisage to average at least 8 posts per month, or around two per week.

The current subscription pricing is introductory and it is possible the price will rise ahead. There are no refunds for the annual subscrition.

Some things will still be free

We still want to be able to communicate with a general audience, policymakers, and media. When it comes to Big Picture themes, we will continue to use this platform to influence the debate.

So beyond the above regular pieces for paid subscribers, Money: Inside and Out will still offer thought leadership for non-subscribers on policy issues that we think matter.

Comments and feedback welcome.

Let’s get started.

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