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On Oil and Energy into 2023

The great energy recovery of 2022

ECB: Still behind the inflation curve

United States: Is disinflation real?

New Keynesian macro and inflation forecasting

Who knew about the skew?

Can the ECB pivot?

Global imbalances are widening (still), composition shifting

Asset Ownership vs Asset Management

BOE balance sheet shrinkage (Part 2)

How does QT work?

Lessons from the Bundesbank

Lessons from the Volcker disinflation

How large is Europe's energy shock?

How will the ECB react to a further energy shock?

August Market Review: Bring the Pain

Petrodollars: Where are the surpluses? Part 1

The ECB's inflation problem

Three Proximate Macro Factors

July Market Review: Dual Rally - Stocks and Bonds

QT plans (briefly) compared

Whatever it takes… ten years on

The Three Pillars of Long-Term Macro Equity Investing

Lessons from Super Core inflation

Macro is Back, With a Vengeance

US Bank Credit is Accelerating

The Switch: From Inflation Concerns to Growth Concerns

The terminal rate (and the peak)

Why don't Eurozone banks repay TLTRO3s early?

The Return of Service Inflation

US commercial bank deposits are contracting: What does it mean?

Fiscal sustainability under higher rates

Will the Bank of England blink?

April Market Review: Unprecedented Moves

The New Era of Quantitative Tightening Has Begun

What happened to the Taylor Rule?

China's BIG stocks stumble

Monetary policy update—March

Inflation in the US

Historical Freeze of Russia's Central Bank Reserves

Monetary policy update—Feb

US 'exceptionalism' and Chinese 'stability' have squeezed out EM flows

ECI used to be an obscure indicator, but now it is the key to Fed policy

Inflation in Japan

Quantitative Tightening

The year ahead in 2022