After exceptional policy support during the pandemic, there are early signs that DM central bank balance sheet expansion is slowing; but what happens n…
Chris Marsh
German and Italian history reveals evolving institutional structures and central banking models; ongoing changes at the ECB are only the latest manifes…
Francesco Papadia
Some observations on "stealth intervention," bank net open FX positions and the mysterious recent surge in Chinese banks' FX reverse repo activity
Alex Etra
Official comments are not the whole story. The data show more direct and indirect intervention (again).
Alex Etra, Martin Rasmussen, and Jens Nordvig
As a narrative and in the hard money flow things are evolving fast
Jens Nordvig
Get a brief introduction to Exante Data and the Exante Humans behind the Substack blogs.
Amelia Bourdeau
Financial plumbing: help or hindrence?
Chris Marsh
Diem, most typically associated with Facebook, is being pitched as a counterweight to DCEP. This is the start of a big conversation. The systemic impli…
Grant Wilson
Duration glut?
Chris Marsh
Saving-investment balances in the great reflation
Chris Marsh
The Norwegian Oil Fund is the world's largest sovereign wealth fund. As the fund continues to grow rapidly, Norway and its currency (NOK) becomes more …
Tor Vollalokken
We have received an enormous amount of feedback on China's digital currency project since January. We will be writing each month here as a consequence.…
Grant Wilson